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Our commercial design services incorporate the process of creating and overseeing the construction or renovation of your commercial space. It is more than simply decorating the interior of the space. Commercial design addresses issues such as the selection of building materials, placement of interior walls, plumbing, power systems, and coordinating communications. It includes coordinating and managing these modifications with construction professionals, owners, and service providers. This level of interior design requires a designer to have a strong working knowledge of architecture and a sensibility for creating functional and attractive environment.

Commercial Design Specialties:

  1. Commercial Interior Design
  2. Space Planning Design
  3. Feng Shui Design

Commercial Design Process

As an design firm, we specialize in commercial interior design and work with our clients to develop a plan that begins with the actual construction or renovation of the commercial space.

Scope definition-Consult

Analyze functional and aesthetic requirements of areas designated.
More..This would include interviewing appropriate personnel and supervisors to determine individual needs, special requirements and equipment to be used. This study will be te basis on which the workstation tyicals will be developed, and initiate the layout of private office furnishings and common area arrangements.


More…To conduct a physical inventory of usable, existing furniture and equipment to be incorporated into the new design. Field measure to assure accurate measurements of blueprint or AutoCAD files.

Space Planning & Preliminary Layouts

More…Building shell translated to AutoCAD if needed. Block plans to show maximum capacity of space. Recommendation of architectural revisions to the space for optimum utilization and implementation of your design requirements. To provide typical workstation plans and isometric drawings to fulfill the required functional and storage needs for the designated jobs determined by analytical study. Preliminary floor plan based on approved block plans and typicals showing individual workstations, private offices and common areas. Some modifications may be necessary to accommodate columns and other structural elements.

Design Development

More…Preliminary color selection to be utilized in coordinating master color schemes and finish program for you facility as it relates to furniture, flooring, wall finishes and window treatments. Site visits to designers clients/showrooms to solidify product selection may be required. Budgetary pricing and review for all products and finishes based on approved preliminary plans and color selections reviewed. Review of existing furniture and equipment incorporated in design. Submissions of final selection of master floor plans, finishes, product selection and specification for approval. Submission of color boards and/or legend of products F&F for approval.
5)Construction documentation
More…To provide complete and detailed drawings for walls, doors, lighting, ceiling grid plans, electrical/data, plumbing, new and existing systems furniture, freestanding furniture, equipment and other ancillary accessory items such as signage, art,¬†window treatments.

Construction Management or PM

More… Consultation with sub-contractors to verify and coordinate applications incorporated in total design. (Such as electricians, IT leads, carpenters, carpet installers, furniture installers, painters, plumbers, and ceiling grid installers etc) Project management provide to manage all aspects or project moves, adds, and changes from scope definition through completion if desired.

Our commercial interior design experience includes office work spaces, home office spaces, more stuff listed here.


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