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Electrical and Data Procurement Services

When it comes to relocation or reconfiguration of commercial space, one of the greatest concerns is the efficient planning surrounding the placement and availability of data, voice and electrical ports. Although a new design, restack, or consolidation of your office space may provide a more streamline work environment, the lack of design for these integral aspects of your business can mean less productivity and unnecessary complications with business operations.

Our dedicated electrical and data team works toward reducing the complexities that arise when relocating or reconfiguring an office space. In addition to managing furniture and interior design, we are well equipped to provide the layout for electrical outlets and data and voice ports that meet your team needs. We take into consideration the need for specialized outlets for certain equipment, as well as the location – whether centralized or dedicated to a specific work station – in order to maintain efficiency during an otherwise disruptive time.

We work alongside the general contractor to ensure compliance with building codes and gather any necessary permits that may be necessary for adding or moving outlets or data input sites. All of this is done to diminish the stress that is inherent to relocation and reconfiguration of any office space.

Our electrical and data team works to assist clients during the relocation or reconfiguring process in order to accurately determine the following:

  1. Electrical, data and voice needs, based on space design and work station layout
  2. Options available for port or outlet locations including off wall, centralized column or power cords originating from the floor or ceiling
  3. Amount of power needed to source work stations to ensure optimal efficiency
  4. Adherence to standards relating to number and location of isolated grounds, cubicles on a single power source, and required circuitry
  5. Our electrical and data design team is highly experience and dedicated to removing the complexities that can arise during this phase of a relocation or reconfiguration of office space.

Need More Information?

We provide a wide range of services to businesses both large and small, and our electrical and data procurement services are customized to meet your organizational needs. To discuss your specific project needs, please contact us for a consultation.

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