Furniture Procurement

Whether your business is seeking new, used, or refurbished furniture, our team of furniture experts is able to seamlessly manage your company’s project. There are numerous choices when it comes to selecting the right furniture that is the right fit for your office, and we take pride in understanding your goals for the project and leading you to the right solutions.

Furniture Procurement Services:

Our Furniture Project Procurement team helps companies with the following services:

  1. Furniture and design management
  2. Delivery and installation services
  3. Ongoing repair and maintenance
  4. Office relocation or reconfigurations
  5. Furniture moving and procurement

How We Work Together for Your Business

The first step in project procurement is developing a budget. This is especially important as it relates to furniture design and purchasing, as the options available to offices are endless. We work with your budget or accounting team to both analyze and develop the project budget to ensure the most efficient use of capital. Additionally, we bring you a wide range of options in order to fit within the confines of any price range specific to your project.

After the budget is agreed upon, our team works diligently to ensure no mistakes are made throughout the procurement project. Furniture design, delivery and installation can get expensive quickly, but our team is equipped with the expertise necessary to help your office avoid costly missteps for the duration of the project.

We also manage the procurement process from start to finish – this includes coordinating with your office, manufacturers, designers and contractors to ensure each party involved in the project is on the same path toward completion, within your budget. Allowing us to manage the project takes away the hassle of handling the complexities that can arise during procurement, including any compliance with building codes, insurance coverage requirements and scheduling coordination for all parties involved.

Finally, the greatest value we offer is through the process of cost savings. When furniture procurement is managed correctly, your business can realize a great deal of savings through the use of used or refurbished furniture. We assist our clients in understanding the implications of these cost saving options by clearly laying out the advantages and disadvantages at the beginning of the process.

Specific Project Procurement Objectives

Under each of our firm’s services, we strive to meet the needs of our clients by delivering the following:

  1. Accurate inventory of existing furniture
  2. Coordination and management of new or used furniture procurement
  3. Analyzing the possibilities for reuse of current furniture
  4. Assist in the design of the optimal work space, unique to your company
  5. Development of new furniture plans
  6. Ordering new or used furniture
  7. Managing delivery and installation
  8. Offer project support after delivery and installation
  9. Provide accurate timelines for project implementation

Need More Information?

We provide a wide range of services to businesses both large and small, and our procurement solutions are fully customizable to meet your organizational needs. To discuss your specific project needs, please contact us for a consultation.

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