interior finishes

Interior Finishes

Our team has worked on numerous commercial build-outs, and we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the design process. We have the ability to design the interior of commercial environments incorporating well thought out green building options and incorporating the community our clients have worked hard to create. From adaptive reuse of interior spaces – which saves hundreds of tons of building material from landfills – to the selection of efficient fixtures, responsibly made construction materials and non-toxic finishes, our eco-conscious services meet the needs of those companies dedicated to establishing or maintaining a green office environment.

  1. Combined, these thoughtful additions or changes create a healthier, higher efficiency building with increased market value. While you dedicate your time to the efficient operation of your business, we focus on:
  2. Meeting with your business team or executive group to discuss design objectives
  3. Coordinating with architects and contractors to assist with electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and design needs
  4. Creating interior floor plans and finish selection boards that both flow and are functional
  5. Helping you choose and order commercially rated finishes
  6. Designing and test fitting office furniture layout to ensure a functional fit into the office or retail space
  7. Project management on all levels to ensure time frame and budget expectations are met

Need More Information?

We provide a wide range of services to businesses both large and small, and our interior finishing services are customized to meet your organizational needs. To discuss your specific project needs, please contact us for a consultation.

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