relocation services

Relocation Services

We understand that moving an office space can be both stressful and time consuming, given the number of moving parts involved in completing a successful, budget conscious move. Our relocation services are designed to eliminate both concerns by managing the project, full cycle. This means that from start to finish, our team manages all aspects of the project, from determining fit and functionality of the new space to the design and installation of dedicated work stations upon delivery. Ultimately our goal is to save you both time and money through strategic planning and implementation coordination.

  1. Our relocation services include (but at not limited to):
  2. Project management and planning from start to finish
  3. In-depth assessment of new space fit and functionality, specific to your business
  4. Moving office furniture, cubicles and work stations safely and efficiently
  5. Providing a comprehensive estimate that details all costs
  6. Working with general contractors and hired moving companies on coordination of delivery
  7. Expert installation of furniture, direct from the manufacturer experts, when applicable
  8. Procurement of new furniture when necessary
  9. Handling technical equipment needs (including physical disconnect and reconnect services)

Michelle and her highly trained team create a streamline process as it relates to relocating your office space. The objective is to ensure your new office space is fully functional for all departments and employees, and we strive to complete the project within your needed time frame and within budget. We help you build and maintain community within your office, even through what can be a disruptive relocation.

We are experienced enough to know when to anticipate challenges that may arise and we work diligently to understand what types of obstacles have the potential to occur during an office move. We address these within our customized plan for your project, and walk you through each implementation phase so you are fully aware of what will take place, and when. Additionally, we take the time to complete detailed inventory of your current office furniture to ensure nothing is left unused within the new space or that new pieces are ordered and delivered on time. Our team provides our clients with detailed information throughout the entire project so that when the time comes for the relocation, expectations are as clear as possible.

Relocation Service Deliverables

In providing this information, our clients can expect the following documentation, as applicable:

  1. Moving checklist and timeline
  2. Detailed inventory list
  3. Do’s and Don’ts for the full cycle of the relocation
  4. Hazardous items list
  5. Detailed graphical representation of new space design
  6. Contingency plan

We work with a variety of companies across the country in order to meet their relocation needs. Our team strives to reduce inefficiencies throughout the process, effectively saving you time and money.

Need More Information?

We provide a wide range of services to businesses both large and small, and our relocation services are customized to meet your organizational needs. To discuss your specific project needs, please contact us for a consultation.

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