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Tenant Improvement Services

At Design by Michelle, we help work with you on space planning services and tenant improvement execution for your commercial space. Improving your office is no small feat, and we understand there are various aspects of improvements that can be cumbersome and time consuming. In order to mitigate the potential complications as it relates to tenant improvements, our team works directly with your company and general contractor to understand the limitations that may be imposed through lease agreements as well as any budget constraints you may be facing. Our tenant improvement services are meant to incorporate your specific design preferences with the functionality of your space, from start to finish.

From building code compliance and permit acquisition to paint color selection and break room design, Michelle and her team help to ensure a completed project is run efficiently and to your specifications. Our team works with your landlord and contractor directly as your liaison and your voice, working through any issues that may arise with little to no disruption to the overall improvement process. Transition scheduling along with construction phases are presented in detail before work is started, all within your time frame and your budget.

Most importantly, we want to be certain that the community you have built within your company remains consistent within your new or improved space, no matter what shape that may take. Our goal is to take the stress out of the project by managing improvements from beginning to end. This ultimately allows us to meet the needs set out by your organization that result in a true reflection of who you are as a business through your work environment.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes when it comes to tenant improvements, and each project we complete is unique to that client. Whether it is a large communal office space or a series of cubicle stacks, we have the experience to provide the specific solution your company needs. Our team understands that tenant improvements often come with budget constraints out of the control of the company, so we strive to refurbish instead of replace where appropriate. Our work provides an unprecedented level of value that helps our clients stay within or well under budget while achieving the desired end result.

We are able to work with an existing contractor, or we can assist in the bidding process to hire a general contractor to oversee your tenant improvements. As a full cycle solution, we will meet you where you are in the process, and provide the design, procurement and execution necessary to get your project through the finish line successfully. Our aim is to save you time and money throughout your tenant improvement project, and to provide the level of control you desire.

Need More Information?

We provide a wide range of services to businesses both large and small, and our tenant improvement services are customized to meet your organizational needs. To discuss your specific project needs, please contact us for a consultation.

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